Shopify Page Speed Audit & Optimization

You or your agency just completed your new Shopify site.  You spent days laboring over the design and countless hours of edits and changes.

But there is a problem… your website is slow!  

Maybe you received one of those warnings from Google.  Or maybe you had customers complain or mention a slow site on their mobile phone.  Or maybe you ran a speed test for yourself.  

You know a slow site will make people bounce and not complete the sales.

You also know that Google’s search engine favors faster sites over slow sites that drive high bounce rates.  

Of course with Google, it is both paid and organic traffic will be penalized for a slow loading site.

With paid search, slow landing pages lower your Google Ads Quality Score—which means a higher cost-per-click.

Search engine optimization (SEO) experts will also tell you that slow pages hurt organic rankings. Google made it official in their latest “Speed Update.” As of July 2018, page speed is now a ranking factor for mobile searches, too.

What do you do about it?

The first step is to test your own analysis using  Google's PageSpeed Insights:

If your score is 90-100, you are good… nothing you need to do.

If your score is 50-89, there may be some items that you’d should fix to improve your page speed.  Of course, you’ll want to give careful consideration of page speed versus eCommerce requirements and objectives.  For example, there may be certain apps or features that slow down your page but are very effective at driving conversions.  Therefore, we recommend running an additional test using and contacting us to discuss the cost benefit of fixing the identified issues.  Why use GTmetrix, Google's PageSpeed Insights is one of many page speed tools and each tool has it own pros and cons.  Here is more info on the differences:

If your score is below 0 - 49, yeah, you for sure need help!  There may be some serious issues with your site that should be fixed.  This solution is for you. Simply click the link below and complete the order.


What we will fix

  • Page Speed Audit and Analysis
  • Compress up to 50 asset images (not product images).  Additional image can be done for an additional fee or we third party tools can be used for an additional fee.
  • Reduce number of HTTP Requests accessible within theme
  • Consolidate CSS files
  • Evaluate and suggest unnecessary Shopify Apps  
  • Load only visible images… also called Lazy Loading
  • Adjust image output on homepage, collection and product detail page.  Additional pages will need to be requested and will be billed an extra $75 / per page. 
  • Preload web fonts
  • Preload JS and CSS
  • Suggest alternatives to layout if necessary
  • Suggest removal quick shop functionality if it exists. 
  • Page Speed Report with Pre and Post Page Speeds and other speed issues not fixed. speed offenders & fix anything we have control over. 


  • Do you have a guarantee?  Yes, we guarantee a lighter and faster site or your money back. 
  • How much will my page speed increase?  We cannot guarantee a specific amount of page speed increase. There are way too many outside influences, such as required apps that are beyond our control.
  • Will every Google speed recommendation be fixed or solved?  No, the above list of items we fix are designed to make the biggest impact in the most common situation.   
  • Why are some apps causing speed issues and what can be done?  In some cases, installed apps will be adding additional code and loading requests from their servers.  These apps may be needed for your site. We will not automatically delete these apps, but will detail them in our report.
  • What do you do about HTTP Requests?  We will merge available code into a app.js file so it minimizes HTTP requests coming from the site.  In many cases, apps/plugins load the resource from their servers instead of Shopify. In that case we will have no control over the app and will note the offending app.
  • Do you use Google's PageSpeed Insights or another tool for speed tests?  The short answer is we use multiple, well known third party tools including Google PSI, GTmetrix, Pingdom and WebPagetest.  Each has their own pros and cons and are trusted in the industry. However, it is freaking GOOGLE. If you are not analyzing and improving your speed in the eyes of Google, then you are missing out on one of the two reasons to improve your page speed… organic and paid ranking.  The other reason being customer experience and conversion rates.


Please Note : We do not guarantee exact load time results, as numbers will be slightly different on each test depending on numerous variables!

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