Google Structured Data Schema

Want you website listing to stand out within Google searches for products like yours? Schema Markup can do just that.

With Schema Markup you could show up on Google like this…

  • Reviews shown under listing
  • Longer more detailed text listed (this is called rich snippet)
  • Stand out amongst search listings, Less than a ⅓ of Google’s Search Results include Schema Markup.

Improve your click through rate! Rich snippet helps your listing pop on the page, which increases your click-through-rate according to

Vs this listing without Schema Markup.. 

  • No Reviews
  • Text shown doesn’t mention product or benefits of products
  • Less text, Listing is smaller and takes up less space

Many Websites when launched are not using Schema Markup to its full potential! Errors and warnings being sent to google can prevent your listing from performing at its best within Google search. 

See for yourself if your website is operating error free with Schema Markup.

Go to

Enter a product page from your website, and run the test

Google will tell you how your page is sending information to Google. If you have errors or warnings your website isn’t operating at full potential, to show up best within Google search (see example below): 

We can get Schema Markup working to your advantage and improve your warnings and errors which will improve your website’s Google listing!! 

Simply purchase this service and we will get started working on improving your Schema Markup and Google Listing right away. 



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Fast Reliable Knowledgable

Store Medics wastes no time in helping with this error from google. From the moment of contact, they were professional, knowledgeable and exceptionally fast with responding to issue. They addressed a couple of concerns that I had with adding custom code to a template as well. It's been a couple of weeks and the errors are resolving in google. I would not hesitate to contact Store Medics for any customizations or help.

Fast great service!

Excellent service great work. Replied to emails and work in a fast courteous professional manner. Very pleased with the work

Jerry Peed


Google Structured Data Schema

Excellent svc

Great job, quick, minimal time investment (by me) to get it done. Very happy