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If you’re like most small to mid-sized eCommerce we talk to we know that you likely have several projects or changes you need to implement in your business but you just don’t know where to start. Maybe you need a page redesign, an app installed, a new logo, a website redesign, or some updates to your Shopify theme, or maybe you know something about your website is off but you just can’t quite put your finger on it.  You may have even gotten a few quotes for the changes, but the big Shopify agencies and generalist web development agenices want to charge you a crazy high amount. Of course, you’ve heard of some online quick fix freelancers, but you don’t want to waste your money on making a change when you’re not 100% confident if it’s the right thing to do. 

Also if you’re like most business owners you don’t have the time to work on these changes or figure out what is going wrong, so they just pile up and don’t get addressed. 

This is why we exist. We are here to help you discover what issues should be addressed within your Shopify store. We help your business make a statement online. We can do a deep dive assessment of your online store, a total rebrand or work on a small changes that make a big difference. 

eCommerce and website design is what we do. We are Shopify Experts. We have a passion for helping you create beautiful and highly functional websites that convert. 

We are a team of specialists who want what’s best for your business. Updating your website and creating a great user experience that converts to sales is our goal. 

We have created shopify stores for companies of all stages from those just starting out to those who are highly profitable but need better functionality. We’ve helped over 500+ Shopify stores identify problems with their website, and have created easy solutions to help them get the results they desire whether that meant changing their navigation or doing a complete branding redesign. 

Our team is dedicated to staying up to date with the latest design trends, eCommerce industry insights, and Shopify updates. We know your time and resources are precious so we focus on getting the job done efficiently. We believe in giving you just what you need and solving any issues as simply as possible.

Most importantly, our entire team is located in Columbus, Ohio... available during normal business hours and easy to contact via phone, email or simply stop by our office!  We are here to help.

Get started today with a small task and let us earn your trust and show you how our cost effective solutions can grow your sales and profits. 

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