Hook & Drag - Store Build

Hook & Drag - Store Build





Hook & Drag is a brand that emphasizes telling a story through the passion of the outdoors. While this brand wanted to make an emphasis on “next level stuff”, their initial website wasn’t quite “next level”. Their initial site landed on a page that didn’t tell much of a story. The site included out-of-place blog posts, very bright colors, and icons that didn’t make sense to the brand and weren’t clickable or active (see "before" picture). Along with this, much of the former site had tacky transitions, missing content, and lacked overall story-telling.


The new website features a sense of vibrancy and story-telling that the old website lacked. Scrolling through the home page leaves you focused on the products and experiences that the old website lacked. Customers stay engaged with the experience as they learn more about what Hook & Drag is while having plenty of opportunities for immediate purchase of products. Here are several key features that the old website lacked:

  • Navigation is more thorough so customers can find what they are searching for fast
  • Sections telling the customers more about Hook & Drag and why experience matters to them
  • Vibrant, large images to attract the customer’s attention to products or experiences
  • No more abnormal icons, and new icons that make sense to the Hook & Drag brand
  • The colors and fonts make for a more modern feel but still flow with an outdoor culture


Another main feature of this store is the ability to distinguish the categories of “Fishing” and “Hunting”:  

Products that are strictly “fishing” items display the “fishing” symbol on the product page while “hunting” products display the “hunting” symbol such as shown in these two examples:





This feature is useful for certain criteria. Let’s say for instance, you want to buy a gift for someone but don’t quite know anything about fishing or hunting. These symbols could aid that person in buying the right gift. It also makes for an aesthetically pleasing product page that builds the brand more to understand the culture of Hook & Drag.


Hook & Drag is a great example of taking an old-school website and adding a modern feel to it. If you would like your website to reach the same capabilities, we’re here to help!