Flowers & Bread - Store Build

Flowers & Bread - Store Build


Flowers & Bread is a locally owned bakery/floral studio located in Columbus, Ohio. Their overall goal for their website was to build a new stunning design that would meet several requirements:

  • Make products available all across the United States
  • Create unique collections that would separate products and their baking classes
  • Be able to efficiently sign clients up for classes through the site
  • Create stunning/custom pages illustrating other aspects of their business

Although Flowers & Bread initially had a website to visit, the requirements listed were not implemented. The only products you could purchase on this website were the baking classes, and even then much of the back-end capabilities were lacking.

Today, Flowers & Bread is able to ship nationwide. However, some of the biggest challenges with this build was setting specific constraints on purchasing and shipping. For example, when purchasing flowers, a delivery date needed to be chosen before customers were allowed to proceed to checkout. This example can be shown here:


Once a client has selected a delivery date for the flowers, the checkout buttons then get displayed: 


Along with this feature, the checkout itself needed available features to only ship to certain places for certain products. For instance, one would not be able to purchase "flowers" if they lived in Los Angelos because "flowers" is a local delivery product. These features required great detail and were carefully and efficiently implemented through the process. 

Much of what you see on the new website were not previously featured on the default theme. Many different sections on the homepage were customized to fit the needs of the Flowers & Bread owners. Other pages had to be fully customized as well, considering the limitations of creating pages through the Shopify back-end. 

Needless to say Flowers & Bread is a great example of a website reaching its full potential on the Shopify platform. If you would like your website to reach the same capabilities, we're here to help!