Cleanblend - Landing Page

Cleanblend - Landing Page



Cleanblend sells some of the best designed blenders on the market. Because of this, they needed to show off their awesome product with the help of a landing page. 

Landing pages are often used as a marketing tool to attract a user’s attention to particular products, events, or sign-ups. In the case for Cleanblend, we wanted potential customers to land on the page and have an immediate call to action. As you scroll through the landing page itself, you can see up to 4 call-to-action buttons. Each section helps you get to know the product more, the customers who have also purchased the product, and the benefits of having this blender compared to others. 

The other concept of this project is the mobile-friendliness that this landing page consists of. New statistics are showing that more people are purchasing off of their mobile phones more than ever before. Along with this, landing pages are a great way to advertise while potential customers are scrolling through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. The buttons, for example, are large enough for the relative finger to touch. The font sizes, colors, icons, and images are fit to fill the page no matter what size of a screen the customer has. The benefits of the product stand out more than any other text on the page. Any other text on the page doesn’t leave you hanging, and keeps all paragraphs direct and to the point of converting to a sale.

If you would like to learn more about what a landing page can do for you, feel free to contact us anytime!