Charlotte + Ezra - Store Build

Charlotte + Ezra - Store Build




Charlotte + Ezra focuses their products on a minimalist look, but with designs that make a statement. The target audience is made clear with their sleek images that portray their ideal customers.


This minimalistic approach was taken into consideration when building this site. Even though the site colors and fonts take a modest approach, each section grasps the potential customer’s attention. Scrolling through the home page, you are attracted to recently added products. Scroll passed that and you can find exactly what you’re looking for via the collection grids. These grids keep your attention with some collection banners filling the page while others are in columns. Each grid item features vibrant images of what you are to find if you click into this collection.


The reader gets a sense of trust further down the page with previous customer reviews. What also makes this page unique is the “As Seen On” portion which displays reputable sources where these products have been seen. Because of these features, the Charlotte + Ezra brand is more than just any other clothing shop, but a way of life.


Charlotte + Ezra also features optimal product pages. A nice description appears in a box with the price, sizes available, add to cart and buy now buttons, and links to share certain products. As you keep scrolling down, you can see the customer reviews for a particular product and related items. These features are there to gain even more trust with potential customers and to have them still shopping for other products all without leaving the page.


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